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I still remember taking the phone call a little over 16 years ago from Joe Rubin at Pierside Gallery, and ever since that day my work here has been like playing in the surf.

Today, we continue to build and deliver one of the Internet's largest online Art Galleries. Each month we add new artists to our ever-growing "Online Collection" -- each with their own unique gallery, interesting presentations and biographies, gifts, contests and more. Often we receive a special visit from our famous artists like Michael Parkes, and, we always place a special online invitation for you to come and join us!

The K. R. O'Neill Company has been building and updating Web Sites since the Web first began, and now we also offer Hosting Packages. And, while you have heard this a lot these days, I specialize in promoting all my art sites in the larger search engines by working with standard and paid search engines on an ongoing weekly basis. Take a look and see, type in any of our artists on Google and you'll find many of our listings on not one but several locations.

I welcome any inquiries or requests regarding designing your site, placing your company on the Web, promoting in the search engines and providing hosting service you can depend on by using the Webmaster's E-mail Form provided below. My rates are competitive, and I speak in terms and examples you can understand.

You may also feel free to call my office between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. PST at 909-736-1168 if you are looking to develop your next Web Site.

Until we meet again, Happy Surfing at Pierside Gallery "dot com."

-- Ken O'Neill, K R O'Neill Company and Your Gallery Webmaster - 2012


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