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Ron Peters

Click for Larger Image

"Fiji with Bures"
by Ron Peters
15-1/2" x 11-1/2" Small Giclee
Unframed Price: $100
30" x 40" giclee on canvas
Edition of 100: $650 unframed

Click for Larger Image

"Hammock II"
by Ron Peters
15 1/2" x 11 1/2"
Unframed Price: Order/Inquire
30" x 40" giclee on canvas,
Edition of 100: $650 unframed

Ron Peter's "Fiji"
by Ron Peters
26" x 35" Lithograph
Edition of 300
Unframed Price: $135

Enhanced Canvas - Edition of 100
Unframed Price is: $395

Introducing Artist Ron Peters
at Pierside Gallery

Ron Peters executes works of remarkable precision and realism while showcasing his individual style. His attention to detail stems from an extensive background in art and design. A native of Southern California, the artist draws inspiration from the area, or more importantly, the eternal beach, which he portrays through a bold use of color.

His love for the tropical is readily present in his bright compositions, which are at once contemporary and timeless. Ron's use of strong light, coupled with subtle sands and ocean, depict nature in a tranquil mood, yet his paintings are illuminated with vibrancy and vitality. The artist's singular ability of capturing the imagery of tropical islands goes beyond mere representation, taking the viewer into a natural world that is beautiful and mystically serene. "My paintings are meant to take you back to the islands and a place for your heart to rest or the mind to stray, if only for a moment," Ron says. " My intention is to capture the peacefulness of a moment through the use of light and color."

An avid traveler, Ron uses opportunities abroad to inspire and record ideas for future reference. Capturing the perfect moment is a tribute to the artist's ever searching eye for detail - an ability to discover and refine the gifts of the natural world. At any moment, Ron may drop what he's doing to sketch a scene, throwing caution to the wind.

When not directly exploring his all-encompassing love of art, Ron enjoys gardening, biking and visiting the gym. In the artist's own words: "Since I am drawn to water I like to represent it in various forms, such as an ocean, lake or pool. The composition may be real or fantasy. To capture a state of fantasy or a piece of mind is my goal in every piece. Each is full of contrasting elements and dramatic detail to add to its realism: a visual experience that draws the viewer in and keeps them there. It is all a matter of escape.

I hope my pieces keep inviting the viewer back to visit my world again and again." The invitation stands to explore Ron's singular vision. In addition to the artist's original paintings, Pierside Gallery will soon release a series of limited edition lithographs featuring Ron Peter's work . . . so please stay tuned and bookmark this page!


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Ron Peters
Original Commissions are Available

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