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Clocktower Cottage

"Clocktower Cottage"
Streams of Time I

by Thomas Kinkade
Painter of Light

Available Sizes:
18" x 27" -- 24" x 36" -- 28" x 42"
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Thomas KinkadeClocktower Cottage is a multifaceted allegory encompassing many dimensions of time, from the ephemeral to the enduring. The regal Edwardian tower looms over its weatherworn cottage; the seemingly inseparable pair to stand for centuries. Yet the clock marks each minute. The bell tolls each hour. The cottage greets each season.

In a way, a painting is itself a time traveler - its message memorialized for generations to follow. The message of Clocktower Cottage is one that I believe is as timeless as a fresh new morning. Your stay on earth is brief, consider the days and be wise.

Image size: 18" x 27" -- 24" x 36" and 28" x 42"
S/N Canvas Edition: 3,950 for each size
Collection: Streams of Time

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