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Thomas Kinkade's

Classics Collection  
1997 - 1998 - 1999

Lamplight Lane by Thomas Kinkade - January, 1997
Lamplight Lane
January, 1997 
Beacon of Hope by Thomas Kincade - Feburary, 1997
Beacon of Hope
February, 1997
Carmel, Ocean Avenue 
March, 1997
Victorian Garden
April, 1997
Hidden Cottage
May, 1997
End of a Perfect Day
June, 1997
Hometown Memories
July, 1997
San Francisco,
California Street
August, 1997
Autumn Gate
September, 1997
Victorian Christmas I
October, 1997
Broadwater Bridge
November, 1997
Paris, City of Lights
December, 1997

Lamplight Brook by Thomas Kinkade - January, 1998
Lamplight Brooke
January, 1998
The Light of Peace by Thomas Kincade - February, 1998
The Light of Peace
February, 1998
Carmel, Delores Street
March, 1998
Garden of Peace by Thomas Kincade - April, 1998
Garden of Promise
April, 1998
Cottage by the Sea
May, 1998
End of a Perfect Day II
June, 1998
Sunday Outing
July, 1998
Golden Gate Bridge
August, 1998
Beyond Autumn Gate
September, 1998
Swanbrooke Cottage
October, 1998
Hometown Evening by Thomas Kincade - November, 1998
Hometown Evening
November, 1998
Victorian Christmas II
December, 1998


Skating in the Park by artist Thomas Kinkade
Skating in the Park
January, 1999
Sunday at Apple Hill by artist Thomas Kinkade
Sunday at Apple Hill
January, 1999
Chandler's Cottage by artist Thomas Kinkade
Chandler's Cottage
January, 1999
Spring Gate by artist Thomas Kinkade
Spring Gate
April, 1999
Glory of Morning by artist Thomas Kinkade
Glory of Morning
April, 1999
Glory of Evening by artist Thomas Kinkade
Glory of Evening
April, 1999
Yosemite Valley by artist Thomas Kinkade
Yosemite Valley
July, 1999
The End of a Perfect Day by artist Thomas Kinkade
The End of a Perfect Day
July, 1999
Country Memories by artist Thomas Kinkade
Country Memories
July, 1999
Amber Afternoon by artist Thomas Kinkade
Amber Afternoon
October, 1999
Boston by artist Thomas Kinkade
October, 1999
Dawson by artist Thomas Kinkade
October, 1999


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