Laguna Pathway

"Laguna Pathway"
by Dan Johnson
22" x 33 1/2"
Signed & Numbered Limited Edition Lithograph
Canvas Also Available

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About Dan Johnson

Many collectors of art consider Dan Johnson a truly gifted talent. The proof of this isn't a diploma or an impressive list of teachers. The proof is where it means the most, in his completed works of art. His composition, color and execution show a truly awesome talent forged to maturity by many years of dedicated work.

Dan, like many artists, began drawing when he was young. The natural ability he displayed was noticed and encouraged by his mother. Sometime before his teens she enrolled him in painting classes. At age fourteen his mother paid for a correspondence art course for him. He learned many useful things from this course, even though he never finished it. Other than taking art High School (which proved not to be much of a learning experience) this was the extent of his formal training.

After high school, Dan was anxious to get involved in life. Art at that time wasn't in his agenda -- catching waves and having fun was. He worked at Von's boxing groceries until Uncle Sam called him into the army. When he was released from the armed services, after having gone to Germany and Vietnam, Dan still wanted to catch waves and have fun. While still in high school Dan worked in steel construction, so with this experience he learned to weld and got work in Capistrano Beach doing wrought iron construction This is what he continued to do until art once again came into his life.

Dan's wife at the time, had a girlfriend who was taking art in college. She brought some drawings over, to show what she'd been doing, and this inspired Dan to try some drawings for himself. With every drawing he did, there was a significant improvement and people began complimenting him. This led to artist dreams that he continues to pursue. Life would have it that Dan and his wife at that time would divorce. With nothing to loose, Dan rented a small space to paint in and lived in his van. His second painting sold for $800.00 and the rest is history. Dan has now sold around 1500 paintings and has produced ten limited edition prints with many more in the workings.

Today Dan lives in the picturesque town of Laguna Beach California. Laguna with its artistic history and breathtaking scenery has been the inspiration for many of his paintings. Standing on the bluff or beach, with brush in hand, Dan's incredible artistic vision has produced many wonderful masterpieces.

Even though Laguna Beach has and will continue to inspire his art, Dan loves to go on to new scenes. Just recently he started a series of large paintings depicting enchanting flower filled parks in England. The first two of these have been done in pallet knife rather than brush.

Another trait that Dan possesses and is amazingly good at is his ability to use different styles of painting. He can paint tight, loose, or bold by using brushes or knives.

We enthusiastically suggest you witness Dan's art. There is definitely something special going on.

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