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Venice Series!

Under the Skyline

"Under the Skyline"
by Cao Yong
14" x 18"
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"When I first set foot in the city of Venice, I was totally stunned: before me was not just a city, but a living entity. Each square, each bridge, and each building there is as unique as each leaf on tree; one cannot find even two bricks alike, because each of them embodies an ancestor's talent, imagination, and creativity, and therefore, is alive. I could hear the breath of the city in the sound of wooden oars stroking the quiet ripples in the canals; I could feel it's heartbeats in the ringing of church bells, that divine sound which floats from hundreds of church towers day and night throughout the city; I could even see the flow of life through the city's arteries, in the elegant S-shaped Grand Canal and other crisscrossing roads of water that have nurtured the city and its people for centuries. But what is more amazing, each cell of the city seems to emanate a spirit, as though baptized by the rich history of nearly 1500 years. I only wish my experience of the soul and the spirit of Venice may also touch your mind and heart, through my canvas."
---Cao Yong

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