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Howard Behrens' Steps of St. Tropez
"Steps of St. Tropez"
by Howard Behrens
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Howard Behrens was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1933. He turned to painting to pass the time when, at 17 years, he was bedridden after breaking his leg in a sledding accident. He eventually earned his Masters Degree in painting and sculpture from the University of Maryland.

"Capri Boats"
by Howard Behrens
31" x 39"
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Promenade to the Sea by Artist Howard Behrens

"Promenade to the Sea"
by Howard Behrens
30" x 40"
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Howard Behrens paints tirelessly in his studio at his Northeastern home, working quickly and boldly, to avoid approaches he describes as "over-calculated" or too "computerized."

When he isn't painting, Behrens pursues other interests with equal fervor including thoroughbred horse racing, model trains, and, of course, trips to the shore. The shore can be anywhere-Bethany Beach in Delaware, or Santorini in the Grecian Islands. He is never far from the sea.

On his trips to the seaside he always carries his camera. With his camera, he records the images that he will take to his studio to transform into paintings.

Traveling is a passion for Howard Behrens. He says of Lake Como, Italy, "I cannot help but return again and again to this part of the world . . . each trip to Lake Como brings me new vistas, hidden gardens and most of all, new impressions . . . "

He goes on to express his appreciation of the place: " . . . somehow the light is different here, the twilight seems to last longer on Lake Como."

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